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December 15th, 2007

10:19 pm
Wow,I didnt know such a community existed!

Anyway,I really feel that Tomoe is way better off with Kenshin.They understood each other perfectly!


Well...hard to say.She can be a bit annoying sometimes.I don't like her so much.

Then again,she can be really annoying most of the time.Really dont like her so much.What else is there to say?
Current Mood: amusedSupport Kenshin & Tomoe! Yay!

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August 12th, 2006

05:19 pm
THANK GOD!!!! finally a community devoted to the hatred of the all time most annoying anime character, Kamiya Karou.

I guess I dislike her so much because of her whiny-ness. For instance, when Kenshin was fighting someone-or-rather and she was like "Ken*sobsob*-shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin*sobsob*"

Tomoe was way better and she served a real purpose in the story. Her character grew to love Kenshin even though he had killed her fiance while Karou has this annoying school-girl crush on him.

HAs anyone ever been the Fanfiction.com and gone to the Rurouni Kenshin section. It's FILLED with Kenshin x Karou love stories. That is my Hell.

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July 26th, 2006

12:43 pm - tomoe!
hi hi...i don't hate Kaoru but I like Tomoe more.=) There's no competition, isn't it? She's more beautiful, more poised, and maybe smells better. hahaha
Current Location: ofFice hOurs
Current Mood: curiouscuRious about this cOmmuNity
Current Music: Rx93.1

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January 23rd, 2006

02:44 am
why call her "dono" if you hate her so much?

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April 3rd, 2005

02:16 pm
So does everyone here just hate Kaoru because she's a "damsel in distress"? I mean, I'm not bothered by that as much as I am that she is so aggressive ... I mean she's always whacking Kenshin, and doesn't the poor guy deserve a break even from his girlfriend?? I mean jeez ... is he a masochist or something? What does he see in her?

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February 23rd, 2005

10:16 pm - arrrrrg
now i dont completely hate kaoru im saying with out her kenshi would never come along and in case you dont know kenshi is kenshin's son but yes she is a whiney bitch Tamoa from samurai x is so cooler then kouru tomoa is kenshins ex-wif that he kills and also kauru's name is so damn hard to remeber and when you spell bad like i do her name gets realy fcking annoying

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February 14th, 2005

06:16 pm - I!!!
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: nopers

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December 11th, 2004

11:52 am - No me gusta Kaoru-dono!!!
Yay!!! Finally, I've found SOMEONE who doesn't like Kaoru! She really annoys me. She's supposed to be the assitant master of the dojo, but she's the one who always needs saving. Plus, she's too....eh....I dunno, she tries to act tough too much. She reminds me a lot of Kagome from Inu-Yasha (whom I also hate!). However......

I still love Rurouni Kenshin, the manga and anime, but she should just go away!!! AAAH!!! *chases after Kaoru-dono*

Ahem. Yes.

That's all.


Love much,
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: watching "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi"

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October 26th, 2004

05:07 pm - kaoru bugs me
hi! i dont like kaoru. shes too much of a 'damsel in distress'. i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally dont like that. she makes me twitch. its about time someone made a community like this (and it wasnt me!! ^^;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Music: a crow left of the murder - incubus

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